Congratulations Pugwash!

Posted by John Laforet on August 4, 2012

It is rare to see or hear anyone from Broadview Strategy Group disclosing a client publicly. Public disclosure was required by law for us as part of our engagement with the Gulf Shore Preservation Association in Pugwash, Nova Scotia and therefore our involvement is public knowledge. 

We are happy to take this opportunity to congratulate our friends in Pugwash on their recent, hard fought win!

Our work in Pugwash began in February 2012 and continued through June of this year. We worked with them to develop and execute a campaign of third party pressure on a government approval process that included an Environmental Assessment, followed by a formal Request for Proposal to select viable projects around Nova Scotia to meet a specified government mandate.

As is common when working with community groups, local residents tend to do an incredible amount of the heavy lifting. This was certainly the case with the Gulf Shore Preservation Association which has been fighting for more than five years. We were proud to play a part in this, with such a talented, committed group of individuals.

In the end, we were able to insure that the Government of Nova Scotia could meet it’s platform commitment and residents of Pugwash could succeed in preventing their community from being part of that solution.

Broadview is a unique firm, because we do work with proponents and opponents of various projects. That said, the outcome is very often the same — success for those who have sought our assistance.