Cynicism with politics is at an all time high, and seemingly every day we see yet another story about how a politician has used his or her position for personal gain, or some kind of scandal that continues to breed mistrust in elected representatives.

It’s not hard to imagine given everything that’s going on that there’s no point in pursuing a problem you have with government and that they only care about themselves and big business.

Well, I’m here to tell you, that’s not true – most of the time.

I’ve been extraordinarily privileged to work for, and with, some great MPs in my career so far. Like anyone, they care a lot about keeping their jobs – the nature of a career that involves what equates to summary firings. But more importantly, they also care about the place they were elected to represent. Maybe you disagree with a politician’s stance on a particular issue, but the majority of politicians deeply care about their communities, and their province/country.

Sometimes it feels as though we are ignored in the face of the big businesses, and perhaps they get an inordinate amount of time with politicians – but it’s not impossible to have your voice heard, even if you are a little guy.

The public service and politicians and their offices are here to serve you. You have to know who to ring and how to talk to them, but they listen.

Broadview specializes in bringing attention to fights, whether you’re a community group, industry or business. We help little guys tell big stories. We know how to get you that meeting, or get you the media attention you crave, and most importantly we help get results.

The Government listens when people know how to talk to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re big business, or just a guy with a problem. But if you’re struggling to get attention – why not give us a call?