Most Important By-Elections Ever

Posted by John Laforet on August 9, 2012

The title might sound dramatic, but think about it. When has a by-election ever been held to determine whether a government deserves another three years in power or not? The last election left the Liberals one seat shy of a legislative majority, but two by-elections occurring simultaneously give them the opportunity to have a one-seat majority. This amount of importance riding on a by-election has never happened in Ontario or Canadian history before. Either way, September 6 is a very important day.

Like him or not, McGuinty has proposed a series of unpopular measures for his government to implement and upset many of the natural allies his party has relied on in the last four elections (three of which have been successful).

For everyone with issues before this government, a decision will need to be made soon as to whether they should utilize Ontario’s third party laws to show their support or opposition to the government, in effect either helping to hand them a majority or to attempt to deny them a majority.

Elections can be powerful opportunities to get an elected official’s attention and set in course a strategy to create or upset stability within the government, depending on what is in your best interest.

It isn’t as easy as just donating to a candidate or party who best represents your issues. Third party’s need to be properly constituted legally registered and managed in a manner that satisfies the legal requirements set out by Elections Ontario.

During the last election, I ran a political program on behalf of an organization that targeted twelve of one hundred and seven seats in Ontario. In total, we shifted ten of those twelve, which helped contribute to the creation of the current minority government.

Third party intervention into elections is certainly a controversial tactic, but something our laws make legal and regulate. The government has historically benefited from big money third parties, but during these by-elections concerned interest groups have the opportunity to ensure the opposition parties maintain their influence on government policy by preventing the Liberals from winning both by-elections and by extension, a majority.

We are always happy to speak with individuals, organizations and groups that want to participate in elections as registered third parties.