Whenever we meet with a potential client, we are used to answering a lot of questions about our experience, our team members, existing and former clients and work we’ve completed in the past.

We also ask our fair share of questions, to better understand a potential client’s specific needs but also to determine if we’re a good fit for each other. It is critical that a PR firm, its team members, and a potential client have a mutual understanding of what outcomes the client wants, how success will be measured, and what approaches are acceptable at the outset of any engagement.

As a firm, we need to know that we’ll be able to deploy the right tools to get the job done on behalf of our client before we start.

At Broadview we love a challenge, and have experience forging narrow paths to victory, but we don’t like losing and we do everything we can to avoid it. That starts with ensuring we have a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist and developing a clear strategy to success.

The best-laid plans alone aren’t enough to win. Winning takes great implementation, frequent and ongoing analysis, and re-calibrating as necessary to respond to changing circumstances.

Like every business relationship, accountability requires a clear understanding of both outputs (work undertaken and deliverables created that are intended to help achieve a goal) and outcomes (the results you’re looking for). Having flexibility built into a strategy that allows deliverables to be constantly tested against their ability to move a client closer to their desired outcome before a lot of time or money is invested in moving them forward is key to being nimble enough to win the tough fights.

If you’re in the market for a PR firm, be sure to gauge whether the firm’s leadership have a clear understanding of your desired outcomes, and have presented a clear plan that blends good strategy and sufficient nimbleness to respond to changing circumstances.