Whig Standard Coverage of Large Renewable Procurement Results

I am very happy to say that none of the three wind energy proposals we were opposing were awarded contracts under the province’s large renewable energy procurements. We anticipate a second round of fighting coming soon, and I spoke with a reporter from the Whig who has been faithfully covering this issue for Eastern Ontario […]

John Laforet on Huffington Post: People Have a Right to Go to Hunting Shows

Despite not being a hunter himself, John Laforet waded into the brewing debate about safari hunting shows that were scheduled to take place in various cities across Canada. There are groups actively trying to disrupt the events by strong-arming venues into cancelling on the organizers. Without getting into the issue itself, John argues that the tactics […]

Broadview Calls Out Corruption in Ontario’s Green Energy Sector

Ontario’s Green Energy Act and the fight against it has been a defining moment for Broadview’s founder John Laforet and is an issue the firm remains active on from time to time. Working for Bon Echo Area Residents Against Turbines, we’ve  been involved in the fight against projects proposed by NextEra and RES Canada. Writing […]

Save the Bees! Ban Cell Phones

In response to Ontario Environment Minister’s position on banning important pesticides, despite a lack of evidence that doing so will have a positive effect on Ontario’s bee population. John Laforet wrote a semi-tongue-in-cheek piece for Huffington Post urging that cell phones be banned as well — citing research that argued they too are harmful to bees. […]

What Are Your Business Resolutions For The New Year?

Today I wrote a column for Huffington Post Canada on the importance of developing New Years resolutions for your business as well. My business resolutions for each year focus on four areas of business that I think are extremely important: team building; business direction; client acquisition and giving back. Click the image below to visit […]

Broadview Strategy Group In the News

Last week our client Save the Discovery Coast Ferry held a fundraiser in Bella Coola, British Columbia to help support our shared effort to undo BC Ferries devastating cuts to Route 40. Their efforts generated media coverage focused on the work local communities are doing to fight back against the government, and our firm was mentioned. […]

Video: John Laforet on Sun News Network Discussing Justin Trudeau’s Profanity + Middle Class

Broadview Strategy Group’s very own John Laforet was on Sun News Network yesterday speaking with host Pat Bolland and fellow panelist Adam Giambrone about Justin Trudeau’s salty language and his lack of definition to what he considers the middle class to be. Take a look at the video link below to watch the interesting exchange. […]

John Laforet On Huffington Post: Are We In For ‘Ford More Years?’

Toronto’s mayoralty race has drawn nearly as much attention as the city’s embattled Mayor, yet John Laforet, the Principal here at Broadview Strategy Group isn’t convinced Mayor Ford’s opponents are presenting themselves as viable alternatives. Below is a link to his piece for Huffington Post on the challenges Mayor Ford’s challengers face in defeating him. […]

John Laforet on Sun News Network Discussing Toronto’s Mayoralty Race

Broadview Strategy Group’s Principal was on Sun News on March 13, 2014 wading into Toronto’s municipal election the same day that Olivia Chow announced her candidacy. Click the link below to see John’s interview on the state of the mayors race in Toronto.   Video Link: John Laforet on Sun News Discussing Toronto’s Municipal Election

John Laforet on Sun News Discussing Ontario’s Gas Plant Scandal

Broadview Strategy Group’s Principal John Laforet was asked to appear on the Sun News Network to discuss the fallout from Ontario’s Gas Plant Scandal and provide insight into the public relations strategies Ontario’s political party leaders should be undertaking to help them navigate the issue. Click the link  below to watch the segment. Where’s the […]

The Writ Stuff

My introduction to politics came in 1978, during the Nova Scotia provincial election that resulted in John Buchanan’s Tories defeating Gerald Regan’s Liberals. It arrived in the form of a punch in the arm from a schoolyard bully who asked me if I was supporting Buchanan. I guess my answer didn’t satisfy him, but in […]

Some Twitter tips & tricks you might be missing – part one

If you’re reading this post, I’m going to assume you’re already a Twitter user. You might use it personally, whether to keep in touch with friends, stay on top of news, or follow celebrities you admire; or you might use it for your business or non-profit, to build a community and increase your customer base. […]

You’ve gotta have personality.

There’s a lot of subjectivity in what makes someone ‘good’ at social media. For instance, if you’re running a personal Twitter account that’s just for fun, it will look very different from an author who uses it both for personal updates and for marketing her own books and personal brand. Each of those two, in […]

Age of Austerity: How Government Spending Cuts Affect Industry-Government Relations

Since the Global Financial Crisis began, governments at all levels, in Canada and around the world, have been racking up huge debt levels to keep the economy going. Governments have, understandably given the circumstances, been cautious about new programs and increasing spending through this period. Unfortunately, many new businesses and industries are looking for support […]

Advertising: The Myth of Its Death

In the past decade there’s been a growth of “branding” companies, firms moving away from traditional forms of advertising on television and in print in favour of social media platforms and other ways to express a company’s particular image. Many firms have fought to defend the value of traditional advertising in response. Which one should […]

LG’s G2: A phone worth fighting for?

Here’s a story you might expect to read on a site like The Onion, or see on an episode of This Hour Has 22 Minutes: LG is busy cleaning up a PR mess after a promotional event they ran in Seoul resulted in twenty injuries (including seven hospitalizations) when an unprecedented number of people showed […]

Get The Message

I’m holding a scalpel in my hand, staring over at the blunt stub on the hand of the guy next me. Eight of us worked together in a room lit up like an operating theatre, lined up in two rows of four, doing paste-up for the Woolworths catalogue. We all wielded these blades to do […]

What’s Twitter good for, anyway?

As someone who joined Twitter in 2008 and has been using it daily since 2009, it’s sometimes easy for me to forget that the whole world isn’t tweeting. I feel a genuine sense of shock when I meet someone who has never used Twitter, and often those same people truthfully have no idea what it’s […]

Facebook: Turning Your Message Into A Story

With Broadview’s clients, Facebook is almost always an integral cog in the larger campaign machine; it’s often the best way to reach out to a large number of people in the community and generate discussion, motivate people to action, and gain supporters.

When Should You Respond on Social Media?

Here at Broadview, we work with a number of different clients on a wide range of social media campaigns, from community engagement to advertising and promotions, and everything in between. One question we hear a lot is, “Someone just said __________—should we respond to that?” It’s a valid question. It’s hard to know if that […]

Talking to Your Customers on Social Media

If you’re in any kind of customer service-related work you know that it’s vitally important to know how to talk to (and about!) customers. Most people learn those lessons early on, and understand what is and isn’t okay. From making chitchat with the little old lady who stops in each week to buy her bread […]

Broadview’s John Laforet Has ‘Scandal Fatigue’

John Laforet, Principal of Broadview Strategy Group wrote a blog for his personal website this weekend about the impact scandals have on citizens and government policy. It is an interesting read. Take a look. Scandal Fatigue Working in public relations and government relations requires a lot of reading, watching and listening to the news. Knowing […]

All Part of the Plan

Driving down Dartmouth Road into Bedford, Nova Scotia, you’ll see three large, undeveloped building lots in a row. It’s a strange sight, considering this somewhat sleepy suburb has been a desirable and affluent community for decades. With a building boom to the south recently, fuelled in part by of the lack of remaining space in […]

Becoming a Professional: Adapting to Social Media Responsibility

In an age where digital communication defines so much of our daily lives, it’s important that young people have the skills and knowledge to build a social media presence, and to maintain one as they enter the work force. Young people are embracing Facebook, Twitter and texting as their primary means of communication.  This gives […]

Scoring Big Increases in Sales on Social Media

We’re finding more and more ‘brick and mortar’ businesses are coming to us and asking how the internet fits into their marketing strategy. As a firm, we have some very simple advice. If your customers can’t find you on the internet, you don’t exist. It might sound harsh, but it’s true. More and more customers […]

What to do When A Customer Calls You Out on Social Media

Ahh, social media. From MySpace to Facebook to Twitter, it’s added so much to our lives. With social media you can get breaking news faster than CNN can report it; talk to celebrities and politicians—and, if you’re lucky, actually have them answer; even get speedy customer service from a brand or company.

Why Community Engagement Matters: A Lesson from Ottawa

Like they are in many cities across the country, condos are on the rise in Ottawa. Week after week, local newspapers feature stories that generally include the words ‘controversial’ and ‘development’ side by side. The word ‘controversial’ is almost always followed with a quote from a neighbour to the proposed development, stating why the proposal […]

Growing Your Sales in a Tough Economy

Everywhere we look we hear about how bad the economy is. When we pick up the newspaper we see images of riots and cars burning in Greece, Cyprus, and other places in Europe. We’ve been introduced to the business concept of ‘too big to fail’ as though massive revenue somehow means market forces become irrelevant. […]

Not Getting Interviews? Four Tips to Fix Your Resume and Cover Letter

I have a pet peeve for typos. My staff hear about it all the time. The most costly typos for individuals though, are typos on their resume or cover letters. Let’s face it, humans are prone to error. We make mistakes all the time when left to our own devices. What sets the best performers […]

Social Media Scorecard: Obama 1, Harper 0

Politicians’ use of Twitter has been making headlines recently. Both Reuters and The Atlantic published articles about Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker’s impressive Twitter presence (Booker has over one million followers). Closer to home (for me at least), The Coast’s Tim Bousquet published a piece in March about Halifax city councilors’ largely underwhelming Twitter habits. […]

John Laforet on Huffington Post: Five Tips For Landing the Job You Want

Broadview’s Principal, John Laforet, wrote a column for Huffington Post Canada with tips for job seekers, and particularly those that will soon be graduating from post-secondary education and entering the workforce. Anyone trying to find work (and particularly the “right” work) in today’s job market will find his practical advice to be very helpful! In […]

Twitter & the Halifax Noon Gun

At two o’clock last Tuesday afternoon, I turned to Gordon across our Halifax office and asked, “Are we under some kind of attack I’m unaware of?”

Happy Easter!

Last Christmas we thought it would be fun to have our logo spruced up for the holidays and decided after the positive response to that, we would do it again for Easter. We were a bit late getting it together, so we only got a couple of days of use out of it, but thought […]

John Laforet on Huffington Post: The Case for Paid Interns

Broadview’s Principal, John Laforet, wrote a column for Huffington Post Canada arguing in favour of employers paying their interns. What is interesting about the piece is that he avoids the very basic arguments like ‘it’s the right thing to do’ or ‘how can interns pay their bills without a pay cheque?’ and gets right to […]

Security Footage on Social Media

A family-owned motorcycle supply shop in Lower Sackville has made headlines across Nova Scotia this week because of a relatively sizable theft in their store. However the theft itself isn’t what’s causing the public and the news media to take notice; rather, it’s the shop’s unconventional use of social media in response to the incident. […]

John Laforet: Kathleen Wynne Pitches for NDP Cooperation to Twitter

If you caught Premier Wynne’s Throne Speech February 19, 2013 you might have noticed it was heavy on the appeal for cooperation from the opposition parties– something Wynne needs in order to stay in power– but otherwise light on specific actions her government will take. (If you missed it, you can read the complete text […]