Business is Not All About Selling

Posted by John Laforet on July 27, 2012

When business is good, you’re busy. When it’s not, you’re not. But even when you’re busy with work, it is always important to be developing leads, maintaining relationships and seeking out new opportunities. That said, it is important to be ethical in how you do it.

When Broadview Strategy Group recommends undertaking work on behalf of a client, the vast majority of the time we find ourselves implementing our recommendations soon after. Other business owners I know and folks who work in business to business sales are amazed when I tell them that over 90% of our proposals result in contracts.

There is a very simple reason why that is. We listen to our client’s needs, identify the challenges or opportunities they face, and develop specific plans that address those challenges or opportunities.

We’ve also learned that there are more than enough individuals, corporations, industry associations, labour organizations, not for profits and others who need our services, that we don’t propose unnecessary work, just because the opportunity is there.

A huge difference between Broadview and our industry peers is the amount of time we spend investing in working with our clients and their teams to transfer key knowledge necessary to ensure that the work we do for them can be maintained by them long term without the need for professional assistance to maintain the result we won for them.

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