Broadview Strategy Group commissioned a brief public opinion survey, conducted by Forum Research, on the topic of private zoos and aquaria in Ontario. The research, which was released in the August ‘Broadview Report’ on public affairs shows an overwhelming majority of Ontarians (82%) believe the Government of Ontario should regulate standards for private zoos and aquaria. Just 18% of Ontarians disagree that the government needs to act.

With more than five hundred articles being published by media outlets across Canada in the wake of the statements former employees have made about animal care at Marineland, Broadview Strategy Group wanted to know whether Ontarian’s felt Marineland was a ‘responsible, ecologically appropriate business venture’. Opinion was split with 55% of Ontarian’s agreeing that Marineland Canada is a responsible, ecologically appropriate business venture, while 45% disagreed.

The poll was conducted by The Forum Poll™, among a randomly selected sample of 1029 Ontarians 18 years of age and older. The poll was conducted by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%, 19 out of 20 times

Comments on Support for Government Regulation:

“It is not surprising that people want to ensure animals are well cared for at private zoos and aquaria and it is clear there is an opportunity here for the provincial government to satisfy public concern and enjoy broad support in doing so. From a business and economic perspective, it will be increasingly important for private zoos and aquaria to work together and with government to develop sound proposals for regulation that satisfy public concerns about animal welfare,” said John Laforet, Principal, Broadview Strategy Group.

Comments on Marineland Findings:

“For years Marineland has built a positive impression in the minds of Ontarians and a majority of Ontarians continue to hold positive views, in spite of recent negative coverage regarding the facility. The fact that 45% of Ontarians disagree that Marineland is a responsible and ecologically appropriate business venture must be of concern. Marineland will need to address concerns people have, with substantive answers to the questions raised about animal care,” Laforet said.

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