Hiring a Pubic Affairs Firm: When short-term costs have long-term benefits

Posted by Tatiana Jaunzems on December 20, 2012

Any home or building owner understands that regular maintenance is necessary to assure a long structural lifespan, and to avoid larger future costs associated with neglect and deterioration.

Man-made structures are constantly subject to unpredictable environmental influences that can be devastating if measures are not taken to protect and prepare them.

The physical maintenance of an investment is simply understood as something that must happen.  Investments up-front will prevent long-term costs, and add value to the original investment.   Homeowners understand this concept so well that many will devote whatever resources are necessary to make sure their investment can weather the storm.

In order for a business to be successful, it must also be able to understand and influence the environmental conditions in which it exists.

Economic, political, and social conditions can make or break a business or an industry depending on how they are dealt with, and constantly changing external circumstances can be difficult to predict and seem impossible to control.

Hiring a public affairs firm should be considered an essential up-front investment for any business or association to ensure their long-term viability.  Public affairs firms monitor government legislative and regulatory processes, industry trends, and can help influence public opinion, and media coverage of issues and events.  Investing in public affairs experts is a responsible way for industries to protect themselves and remain focused on what they do best.

Just as you wouldn’t let someone without relevant qualifications re-wire your four-bedroom home, you need to consult professionals who understand how to maneuver through complex governmental procedures and systems.

Funding your public relations campaign

Remember that hiring a public affairs firm is not only a preventative tactic against unwanted future costs, but it is also an investment that when planned, can yield substantial returns down the line.  Whether through influencing government decision makers or shifting public opinion in your favour, a public affairs firm will help your business or association move forward and grow.

Each business, group or association is in a unique position financially, but must consider its long-term sustainability and take responsible steps to ensure its success.

Broadview has worked with a number of groups and associations, whose organizational structure position them well to represent several businesses or companies at once. When there is a common interest, this can be the most effective and efficient mechanism for engaging a public affairs firm.

If funding public relations campaign has not been previously contemplated or budgeted industry associations and other groups , often appeal to their membership who may be very interested in providing financial  support  to the broader objective.

Successful individuals and businesses make smart, responsible investments and protect their future by taking action today.  If you are debating whether you can find the resources to engage a public affairs firm, ask yourself if you can afford not to.