I am really excited to announce that Broadview Strategy Group is launching a monthly public opinion survey on key issues of the day and will be providing the results to the media to share with the general public.

Public opinion research is a very powerful instrument that allows everyone to understand how issues are being perceived and impacting the discourse of our communities. Yet, often times the only ones with access to public opinion research information are those who are in a position to fund detailed surveys on issues of importance to them. Media outlets do not have budgets to buy research themselves and the consequence is a lack of public opinion research being generated for the public benefit on a wide range of topics.

A core tenet at Broadview Strategy Group is the importance of the openness of information and communication, which is why I am so pleased that we will be commissioning a monthly three question survey on different topics each month.

The hope is that Broadview Strategy Group will be able to provide useful information to ongoing debates about key issues facing the public.

These polls will be funded totally by Broadview Strategy Group independent of any research we commission on behalf of clients and will not cover areas of interest to our regular client work to ensure no conflicts of interest.

So, if you’ve got an idea for one of Broadview Strategy Group’s future ‘Broadview Reports’ — send me an email and let me know what you’d like to know.

The first Broadview Report will be released early next week and cover private zoos and aquaria in Ontario, including the public’s view of Marineland.

Stay tuned.