Broadview Strategy Group’s Principal, John Laforet wrote an article for Huffington Post Canada with his analysis of the Ontario Liberal Party leadership race. John outlines why he thinks Kathleen Wynne will be the next Liberal Leader and Premier. If you’re interested in campaigns, you will enjoy this read.

Below is an excerpt from John’s article and a link to the complete piece.


John Laforet -- Huffington Post Canada Blog

John Laforet — Huffington Post Canada – January 10, 2013

“As the Ontario Liberal Party prepares to host delegate election meetings across the province this weekend, all signs point to a victory for Kathleen Wynne. She continues to demonstrate the organizational strength and critical levels of support needed to become the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. Glen Murray chose to drop out of the race and endorse Wynne prior to delegate election meetings where delegates, who will ultimately elect the next leader, will be elected themselves. Assuming his supporters follow him, Wynne’s advantage going into this weekend’s delegate election meetings is significant.”


John Laforet: Kathleen Wynne For the Ontario Liberal Leadership Win?