Broadview Strategy Group’s Principal, John Laforet wrote an article for Huffington Post Canada in response to the selection of Luka Magnotta as Canada’s Newsmaker of the Year. Below is an excerpt from John’s article and a link to the complete piece.

John Laforet Featured Blog Post -- Huffington Post Dec 24

“No one can control what events will shape our world in any given time period. But collectively we can choose what stories we allow to shape our memory. That’s why murderer Luka Magnotta was the wrong person for the Canadian Press to choose as Canada’s 2012 Newsmaker of the Year. Instead, I have picked out three Canadians –one living, two dead — who would have been better selections for shaping our remembrance of the past year. These are people who would help us reflect positively on the past as we seek to shape the present and the future.”

John Laforet: Forget Magnotta: Three Canadian Newsmakers Worth Remembering