What is a bigger story, coming clean on benefitting from the use of political prisoners in forced labour camps in Cold War East Germany 25-30 years ago, or a cute monkey in a silly winter coat wandering around an IKEA in Toronto?

Broadview conducted media monitoring analysis of coverage of IKEA in November and December 2012 which reviewed more than 198,000 media outlets, Darwin the ‘IKEA monkey’ has generated 32.4% of IKEA’s worldwide english media coverage for the month of December, while news of IKEA’s products being manufactured using forced labour from prison camps in East Germany in the 1980‘s generated just 16.9% of IKEA’s media coverage in November 2012, when that story broke.

In real numbers there have been 2,101 articles published by english speaking media outlets around the world regarding Darwin, the ‘IKEA monkey’, and 4,173 articles relating to the far more explosive story regarding forced labour.

Broadview Strategy Group’s Media Monitoring Methodology: 

Broadview Strategy Group relies on professional media monitoring technology that allows us to monitor key search words and terms through a global media database that includes more than 198,000 publications worldwide. We are able to focus on specific regions from a local, regional, provincial or state level, to national and international coverage as well.