In response to Ontario Environment Minister’s position on banning important pesticides, despite a lack of evidence that doing so will have a positive effect on Ontario’s bee population. John Laforet wrote a semi-tongue-in-cheekĀ piece for Huffington Post urging that cell phones be banned as well — citing research that argued they too are harmful to bees.

This piece resulted in Ontario Environment Minister blocking John on Twitter.

Here are some lines that might have ruffled his feathers:

It seems, based on Ontario Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray’s actions, that the task of saving Ontario’s honey bees is now an exercise in throwing out ideas without any concern for the impact it will have on saving the bees, or the broader consequences.

…or maybe it was this…

Here’s one he has not considered: ban cellphone use.

It would be as shocking to voters in Toronto Centre, who elected the former Mayor of Winnipeg, as his plans for agriculture are to farmers in rural Ontario.

…or perhaps it was this…

Like Glen Murray, I am not a bee expert. Unlike Murray, I think we should listen to the province’s bee experts when they call for more study to truly understand the relationship before spouting off and regulating bad ideas.

As is always important when writing about an issue where you have a potential conflict of interest, John disclosed the following at the end of his piece.

John Laforet is Principal at Broadview Strategy Group and his firm works with Grain Farmers of Ontario. He is also a cellphone user.

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