We’re finding more and more ‘brick and mortar’ businesses are coming to us and asking how the internet fits into their marketing strategy.

As a firm, we have some very simple advice. If your customers can’t find you on the internet, you don’t exist. It might sound harsh, but it’s true. More and more customers are doing their own product research and purchasing online. To be clear, this doesn’t mean by any stretch the ‘death’ of traditional stores, but it does mean an effective internet presence is critical to getting people through the door or on the phone to allow you to make a sale.

We’ve worked with clients to establish and enhance their Facebook and Twitter presence with a demonstrated track record of engaging their existing client base, while growing both their reach and sales. Re-developing a website with the goal of making information accessible and informative has a big impact on getting the phone to ring.

Is your business on social media and well positioned online? How many of your customers tell you that they were just on your website or Facebook page and felt the need to come into the store, place an order or contact you to ask about a product or service? Would your sales be better if that happened more often?

From a client acquisition perspective, online and social media tactics are by far the most cost effective and the easiest to measure the direct result from.

So, is your business missing out on social media and, more broadly, the internet?