Imagine you find yourself with car trouble in an unfamiliar city. The vehicle still runs, meaning you’ve got choices for where you take it, but it’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re impatient, wanting to get on your way.

That was me, two Sundays ago in Buffalo, New York. My Chevy started acting up and I wanted to have it looked at before continuing my long drive to Atlantic Canada through the United States.

Not knowing Buffalo, or anyone in Buffalo, I turned to Google and asked it to tell me where there are Chevy dealers in town. I got a list of dealers and visited the first couple of websites, looked at the hours page and noticed that none of them were open on Sunday.

Then I searched…

…and a bunch of ads came up related to car dealers in Buffalo, different shops appeared on the map, but the second listing in the organic searches on Google was…

It happened to be between 11am and 4pm, so I went to Joe Basil Chevrolet in Depew, NY.

If you look at what I searched and what I got, you’ll see that the folks at Joe Basil Chevrolet in Depew, NY understand search marketing and have leveraged their domain name, and keywords in their content to match with what people like me would search to find someone like them.

Depew is technically not part of the City of Buffalo, but it is close and is part of the broader region. With a population of around 15,000 tying themselves to the broader area (Buffalo) clearly would help drive traffic to them.

Does anyone that doesn’t work for Chevrolet call the company or its cars by the full name? Probably not. Chevrolets are known as Chevys by those who drive them and discuss them and need work done on them. is therefore an excellent domain name, particularly for searches like ‘Chevy dealer in Buffalo’ and variations of the same.

I didn’t care what Sunday hours anyone kept or didn’t; I wanted to know who was open right then. Joe Basil Chevrolet seems to understand that being open on Sunday is one of the unique attributes that will bring them business, and instead of just putting ‘Sunday 11am-4pm’ on their website in the same spot every one of their competitors puts ‘Sunday Closed’, they note this key differentiator and say ‘Open Sundays’ before putting their hours for Sunday.

Why? Because someone looking for a Chevy Dealer that is open on Sunday is going to include that phrase in a Google search for Chevy Dealers. They aren’t going to search “Chevy Dealer Buffalo Sunday Hours” unless they want to read a bunch of webpages that include several ‘Closed’ instead of anything helpful.

So the end result was a drive to Joe Basil Chevrolet to talk to them about my car, and the good honest folks at that dealership were kind enough to help me solve my problem in a way that transfers an online lead into an offline positive experience. That in turn means I can help with referrals for new business, should I encounter anyone looking for a Chevy dealer in the Buffalo area on any one of the seven days of the week.