Who knew? Four days engaged in seeking out envelopes to match Broadview Strategy Group’s distinctive blue resulted in me learning that apparently one simply cannot buy standard business issue number 10 envelopes in turquoise.

On Saturday I was in a speciality paper store looking for blank cards for my Father and Niece, who both celebrated birthdays this week. It was there I saw coloured envelopes and the idea of having a distinctive colour envelope for business use struck me. I was able to find just the right shade of blue, but nothing that was the correct size, and inquired as to whether this was maybe a special order item, my hopes were dashed when I was told the company that makes said envelope is from France, and standard sizes aren’t their thing.

When I got back to work Monday morning I called a packaging firm that had mailed us a catalogue months ago to ask them if they carried such an envelope or knew where they could be found. They did not, and checked with suppliers, none of whom did either. Their best advice was to see if I could have a supplier of theirs create a special project for me, but that I would likely need to order at least 50,000 and they would be very expensive.

While all of this demonstrated that my eureka moment from Saturday was certainly a unique idea, as the product I sought did not exist, it also meant it was likely impossible to execute.

Instead we’ve decided to use ‘clover’ coloured envelopes as it appears to complement the distinctive blue Broadview’s logo uses and can be purchased at a store just a few blocks west of us on Queen West. What do you think? Distinctive enough?

As an aside, after writing this piece, I googled ‘how popular is turquoise’ to simply get a sense of it’s relative popularity or obscurity. For your reading entertainment complements of the Huffington Post: “Turquoise To Be Top Color in 2010” (just not in business stationary supplies).