When Selecting a Public Relations Firm, Does Location Matter?

Posted by Allison Slater on October 30, 2012

I am hesitant to begin with what is perhaps the understatement of our century, but the internet has revolutionized the amount of options individuals and entities have available when it comes to selecting vendors.

This is certainly the case for buyers of public relations services. Physical location as a key determinant to selecting service providers continues to become increasingly less important as technology allows for clients and vendors to stay in contact virtually at any time and at marginal costs.

The ability to deliver a quality public relations campaign has considerably less to do with where one’s desk is, than the local and industry knowledge a firm has as it relates to their client’s needs.

As an example, Broadview Strategy Group has worked with clients in United States and Canada in six Provinces and States from our headquarters in Toronto within the last year.

For the most part, the client relationships we have within in person meeting distance are as strong as they are with our furtherest flung client. The key is learning to add and subtract time zones to local conditions to ensure everyone knows whose clock is being used to determine deadlines (I always recommend working on the client’s clock for ease of communicating deadlines).