Why We Do It

This Is Why We Do It

It is a question we are rarely asked but one we love to answer.

It’s for the farmer who works hard every single day and just wants to be able to plant his crop, without poorly thought out regulations threatening his livelihood.

It’s for the family that saved for years to buy their own summer trailer and want to be able to stay in their favourite provincial campground, without fearing the government will end overnight camping in their park.

It’s for the blacksmith who makes their living shoeing racehorses, and the hot walker who makes her’s cooling down a racehorse at one of the racetracks that would have closed if we didn’t fight for it.

It’s for the unionized worker whose employment was on the line due to a bad mix of austerity and privatization, and who needed help fighting back to protect their jobs.

It’s for the business owner whose life’s work is threatened by bad government policy that risks everything he worked and sacrificed for.

It’s for the family that is working with their neighbours to save their home from poorly thought out energy infrastructure that is unnecessary and dangerously unregulated.

It’s for the tourism operator who invested their life building an incredible tourism economy in a remote part of the country, and needed to fight to stay connected to the rest of the province.

It’s for the not for profit that saw their revenue decline over a period of time to a place where thirty years of helping people would come to an end in less than 18 months, if we didn’t come up with a plan to solve it.

It’s about the small business owner who took a big gamble that isn’t going the way it was supposed to and needs help to get back on track.

It’s for the employees at a salmon farm, whose chance at year round employment in areas where that is hard to come by, is threatened by misinformation.

It’s for the business in crisis that needs the very best mix of reputation recovery and sales stabilization that we can offer.

It’s for the developer who is proposing responsible, positive change in land use development, but isn’t getting a fair hearing from local residents or the municipality.

It’s for the patient who needs inter-municipal bus service to get to their medical appointments that was nearly sold off.

It’s for the third generation business owner in his 70’s who needed to liquidate his inventory quickly to fend off bankruptcy in just a couple of months.

It’s for the community association fighting to protect their neighbourhood against something totally incompatible.

It’s for the industry association whose inability to get their message out risks their sector’s chance to thrive.

It’s for the innovator, whose business model is incompatible with out of date laws that threaten his ability to create jobs and wealth here at home.

It’s for the major brand that has served millions of Canadians over the years and needs help responding to baseless attacks that threaten their brand.

It’s for the small business a son took over from his father that is struggling to adapt to increased competition and less demand for his product.

It’s for the person, business, not for profit, charity, industry association, community group or any other entity that has something to say and needs help getting people to hear them say it.

It’s about each and every one of our clients, from coast to coast to coast, who sleeps a little easier at night knowing that our team wakes up each morning, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, ready to do battle for them and give it our all to see them through to victory on whatever terms they set.

These stories are real. The people we helped are real. The results we got them are real.

That’s why we do it.  We are here to help.  What can we do for you?